Синдром хронической усталости

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Синдром хронической усталости (СХУ), Chronic fatigue syndrome (), также известный в западной литературе как Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) — синдром (совокупность симптомов), характеризующийся длительной непреодолимой усталостью и некоторыми другими симптомами, которые серьезно ограничивают способность человека выполнять свои повседневные дела. Усталость при этом синдроме не связана с интенсивными регулярными физическими нагрузками, не облегчается даже при длительном отдыхе и не связана с предыдущими болезнями.

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Препараты для лечения

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MitoQ is an orally active antioxidant that has the ability to target mitochondrial dysfunction. The agent is currently under development by Antipodean Pharmaceuticals Inc in phase II clinical trials for Parkinson's disease and liver damage associated with HCV infection. MitoQ has demonstrated encouraging preclinical results in numerous studies in isolated mitochondria, cells and tissues undergoing oxidative stress and apoptotic death. MitoQ aims to not only mimic the role of the endogenous mitochondrial antioxidant coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), but also to augment substantially the antioxidant capacity of CoQ to supraphysiological levels in a mitochondrial membrane potential-dependent manner. MitoQ represents the first foray into the clinic in an attempt to deliver an antioxidant to an intracellular region that is responsible for the formation of increased levels of potentially deleterious reactive oxygen species. Results from the clinical trials with MitoQ will have important repercussions on the relevance of a mitochondrial-targeted approach.

Убихинол CoQ-10

The suggested dosage of Ubiquinol CoQ10 for FM and ME/CFS patients varies, but most experts start at around 150-200 mg./day. One FM/ME/CFS physician told me that many of his patients take 600 mg. or more each day. Check with your physician to determine the best starting dosage for you.

It's important to note that Ubiquinol CoQ10 is not a quick fix that will give you an immediate energy boost. Each individual is different, but it generally takes two to three weeks to restore optimal CoQ10 levels in blood plasma and tissues. You may, however, begin to notice a difference as your plasma levels start to increase around the fifth day. If you don't notice any difference after three weeks, you may want to discuss increasing the dosage with your doctor.

Гиперзин А

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